It's Election season!

It’s election season again! This year we’ll be continuing the ability to vote either online or via paper ballot, as we did in 2020. Here’s the 2021 wrinkle: Your Regional Director races will be decided on the same ballot as your National questions!


The web host for has updated their login protocols and are requiring all users to update their password. The decision to require password changes and the timing of this decision were made by our web host, not by anyone from Sertoma, member or staff.

With Sertoma's election window open for voting, the timing is not what we would have chosen. Had we had any notice that the change was coming, you would have been notified in advance of the election time period. Their decision was made to protect all of their users, not just our members and we appreciate their efforts to keep Sertomans safe as they use our online services.

Please follow the prompts to change your password and vote, and confirm your information is correct.

    • Passwords must be at least 12 characters in length
    • Passwords must include at least one number
    • Passwords must include at least one uppercase letter
    • Passwords must include at least one lowercase letter
    • Passwords must include at least one special character #.$%&/@
    • Passwords cannot include the registrant's name(s), your member number, user name, or the word Sertoma
    • Passwords cannot match any of the last six passwords

If you would prefer, you are welcome to complete the ballot included in the recent Spring Digest and vote by mail.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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