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A Sound Investment

The Need

In many ways, we have made the world accessible to all people through the Americans with Disabilities Act and other efforts.  However, in some ways we have failed to make that access complete.  We have worked hard to remove the barriers that limit use of a public facility for those who cannot walk, but have done little for those who cannot hear.  For the millions of Americans using hearing assistive devices, the ability to hear in public facilities is limited.  Yet all those sounds can be made clear by the simple act of installing an available, simple, and cost effective technology – the induction loop. 

What is Looping?

Hearing LoopLooping is a simple technology that allows hearing assistive devices to serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, sharp, customized sound right from inside the ears. It can be adapted to use in large public spaces, such as airports and auditoriums.  But it can just as easily be installed in churches, drive-up business windows and even into a single room at home so the TV or stereo sound becomes a broadcast going directly through the hearing assistive device.  The induction loop is to hearing aids, what Wi-Fi is to laptops.  Please check out our videos to learn how induction loops work with tele-coils and hearing assistive devices.

The Goal

The goal is to make the sounds through public address and amplified systems in public facilities readily accessible to those that use hearing assistive devices.  We can achieve this goal by promoting and assisting in installing looping technology of public buildings and facilities.  This effort will not only provide access that should be available, but will promote the value and importance of hearing health services and technology.  Please check out our videos to learn how induction loops work with tele-coils and hearing assistive devices.

How to Get Involved

There are three ways primary ways to get involved in the campaign.  Based on the needs and opportunities in your community there could be more.

  1. Form a speakers bureau and help get the word out.
  2. Adopt a looping project and see that a facility gets looped.
  3. Support an existing effort.    

 A list of looping vendors can be found on our partner's website,

Benefits for Being Involved

The A Sound Investment campaign is a way for any group or individual to play an important role in the community. The primary benefit is becoming a recognized leader on an important community issue. The end result, you will build new relationships; whether through working with a local library to loop a meeting room or through another individual who would also like to participate in the A Sound Investment campaign.

If you would like to receive the program materials, become involved in an existing project, or would like more information regarding A Sound Investment, please complete the form below.

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