Does your club's meeting location, time, or schedule differ from what is listed here? If so, please email your updates to To ensure your club is marked correctly on the map, include the location's full name (if held in a registered business location), street address, city, state, and zip code. Times listed will be meeting start times, and scheduling information should reflect regular club meetings. 

To find a club, zoom in to a target area of your choice. Simply click on a marker to see the available information on the selected club. More tips and tricks can be found below the Find A Club map.


  • By clicking on the “View Larger Map” icon (see magenta arrow in the first image below for icon location), you will be directed to a new page with a larger version of the map.
  • This enlarged view also contains a search function (see yellow arrow in the second image for icon location).
  • By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, a search field will open up. You can search by city name, zip code, or by club name.
  • Please note: When clubs meet in the same location, only one marker will show at a time. To ensure you see all clubs in an area you may wish to search for the city and state after reviewing the map.